Fruits For You!

There is nothing better than picking your own fruit off your own tree and eating it straight from picking! It really is the simple things and we are here to start a revolution of fruit growing around the country.

Fruit trees – to prune or not to prune!

Fruit trees crop late in the season, from September to October , and you can store the fruit if you do it right until around Christmas to January although eating apples and pears within the first week or two fresh from the tree is always the best, crispest fruit. Now that we are reaching the latter stages […]

What to do with this years large harvest!

The mixture of a very cold winter and the extreme snow along with a long warm summer has meant an abundance of fruit this Autumn and if like me you have been looking at how to store the fruit then here are a few ideas that we have gathered along the way, a fantastically easy […]



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