Our Field Stock

At the start of each season we evaluate what is available in our own fields against what has been popular over the last year and what trends we see coming through, hard to do when we are working 6 – 9years in advance but here are our go to trees for this year

Some Rather Special Mature Trees

We’re almost at the end of bare-root and rootball season and we have already sold out of a lot of our hedging stock. We do however, have a few of our large rootballed trees left and these are a few of our favourites. Carpinus Betulus Pyramidalis – this Hornbeam is similar to the upright form, […]

Instant & Mature Hedging

You could opt for an evergreen hedge if you are looking for cover & privacy all year round. With an evergreen hedge around your garden, even in the winter, when most trees, shrubs and bushes have lost their leaves, you prevent people seeing into your home or blocking the view or new house or extension that looks into your garden.



Our Gift to you

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