Our Palm House

So how do you create that tropical feel to your garden without it feeling, less than authentic. I’m a sucker for an Australian looking garden but lots of the plants only work here as indoor plants so use plants that do work here and add foliage, colour and palms and tropicals that do.

It all starts with a design

Latest research shows that the two areas of your home that spending money positively is always a good idea is on the kitchen and the garden. Research has shown that the linking outside to inside can considerably increase the feeling of space in both but especially the inside.

Last Minute Christmas Gifts

If you’re still on the hunt for easy, grab-and-go presents and left it to now, fear not! We’ve put together this Christmas List of easy favourite garden gifts that are sure to delight your green-thumbed loved ones but are small enough to fit in the boot of your car or click and collect.



Our Gift to you

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