Counting and Grading our Field Trees

Today has been all about our field stock. Its a job that we had in the calendar for the beginning of January however the month just ran away with us so it had to be done today. We, Ian and I headed down to our fields to check what stock was still in the field […]


So what is with all the wasps? I know its the time of year but this year there seems to be an exceptional amount of them, they’re everywhere and is it just me or do they seem to be very aggressive little devils! One of things that is really enticing them is the fruit from […]

Fruit trees – to prune or not to prune!

Fruit trees crop late in the season, from September to October , and you can store the fruit if you do it right until around Christmas to January although eating apples and pears within the first week or two fresh from the tree is always the best, crispest fruit. Now that we are reaching the latter stages […]



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