• Rootballed Trees & Hedging

There really does seem to be very little knowledge about bare-root and rootballed trees and hedging and why and when to plant them so I’m hoping over the next few weeks to take the mystery out of it. Bare-root is simply that we lift the tree or plant out of our fields here and shake all the soil off so you can just as it says on the tin, see the bare root. Lots of deciduous trees & hedging, up to a certain height and age can be sold in this way from November through to March and the earlier in the season the better.  The USP’s of these are;

– the plant is dormant and so suffers least disruption
– the lack of pot, soil etc quite simply makes it cheaper
– by the time the spring leaves come the plant is at home and ready to get down to the business of growing and/or flowering.

Certain plants can not be lifted bare for a number of reasons and these include evergreen trees and hedging and more mature trees, we can advise you on specific species and their tolerances at heights to being lifted. These include Laurels, Pines, conifers, yew as well as many more.

Rootballed means that we lift the plant with a ball of soil attached to it, wrap it in a hessian or other similar biodegradable cover and you plant it with the cover still on causing least disruption to the root structure. The main difference between this and potted trees is the range of plants/trees and sizes available, the other reason is that a plant/tree that has been able to grow in the ground rather than in a pot has a much better root structure therefore a stronger, usually bushier specimen.  


What we can offer thats different?

Delivery, planting and advice, advice, advice. We have an abundance of knowledge about how they grow and we love to share it with you.

Why is this tree loosing leaves ? What growth rate should this hedge have? If I drive the plant with fertiliser will I loose bulk? What will screen my view of my neighbours house (and theirs of yours)?

We only have until the end Of March (depending on weather it might stretch a little later but we can’t guarantee it) so if you want Rootballed or Bare-root Trees & Hedging get them Now