Yucca rostrata



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The Yucca rostrata or Beaked Yucca is a tall, attractive yucca, bearing a crown of narrow, silver blue, sword-shaped leaves in contrast to a creamy white bark. Tall clusters of white flowers appear in summer, which may develop into fruit in milder regions. It is such an unique shaped Yucca – a real favourite around here ! It’s perfect for growing in exotic planting schemes.

Younger specimens may be grown in a pot but into the ground as it gets that bit bigger as it can grown up to 3metres tall with time.

Grow Yucca rostrata in well-drained soil in full sun. Remove dead leaves for tidiness, but otherwise there’s no need to prune. Although hardy, it may need winter protection in sharper frosts.

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10L, 15L trunk 20cm, 26L 80-100cm, 35L 100-125cm tall, trunk 50-60cm, 7L 30-40cm, Low planter 40cm H x 50cm W, 10L 50-60cm, 25L, 60-80cm tall