Wisteria ‘Mercury’



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Wisteria ‘Mercury’ is a deciduous climber with a vigorous habit that is perfect for covering walls, pergolas, pillars, etc. Long racemes of soft lilac-purple flower clusters are produced in late spring/early summer, which also have a beautiful sweet fragrance.

To encourage the most out of your Wisterias flowers, it is important to prune twice a year – once in July/August, which is more of a ‘tidy-up’. The long, whipping green shoots that emerge after flowering can be cut back to about 5 buds. This will tidy up the appearance of your wisteria for the winter months to come. Then again in January/February, these shoots are further cut back to 2-3 buds. This will encourage more flowers, and will also mean they wont be hidden by foliage.

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