Sorbus Jospeh Rock 

sorbusa joseph rock

Sorbus Jospeh Rock 

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There are many types of ornamental rowans, less common are the yellow berrying varieties of which Joseph Rock is the best. Upright at first and broadening with age this lovely garden tree provides the typical open nature of a rowan tree, casting light shade in the summer months. The ultimate height is approximately 8m (25ft). The foliage turning a fiery orangey-red to dark purple in autumn producing a very colourful display. The berries remain on the tree after leaf fall as birds tend to prefer red and orange fruits.

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6-8cm Rootballed, 2.5-3metres, 8-10cm Rootballed, 3-3.5metres, 90L 10-12cm girth  3-3.5metres tall

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