Sorbus Dodong

Sorbus Dodong

Sorbus Dodong

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This strangely named Rowan tree was named afterĀ  a port on the Korean island Ullung Do in 1976 after the trees were discovered on the island.

Dodong is a whitebeam grown for its attractive foliage and fruit. The leaves are pinnate, tapered, mid green and glossy leaflets. They gradually turn fantastic shades in autumn, from rich red margins and golden orange centres to red leaves all over.

In May appear large corymbs of creamy white flowers that are followed by scarlet red berries in late summer which look stunning on the background of lush green foliage.

The Whitebeam family of trees will grow almost everywhere. It likes well-drained, preferably acid soil for best autumn colours. Dodong grows fast into an upright tree with broadly oval crown with open top.

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