Rose Tonic




Our rose fertiliser is what people are calling magic liquid. When the first leaves appear on the plant, its time to start spraying the leaves top and bottom. In doing this it is a fast  proven way to treat specific plant deficiencies fast. When you spray the rose plant with our Rose fertiliser, the leaves and the stems absorb the nutrients and give the plant a fast boost to help it fight bugs and keep disease at bay. Just like us, the healthier we are the better able to keep that way, food is fuel and like that the rose fertiliser does the same.

Roses, although stunningly beautiful are more difficult to keep healthy, an array of diseases can attack them, not doing huge amounts of harm but they don’t look as well.  We recommend putting our  granular seaweed around the base of the Rose Bush that will slowly release into the soil and roots too creating the healthiest roses around.

Foliar feeds are ideal to correct specific nutrient deficiencies very quickly. Calcium, iron, potassium and zinc deficiencies respond particularly well to foliar feeds