Pyrus Williams Mature Tree

Pyrus williams mature tree

Pyrus Williams Mature Tree

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Description :

The Williams pear variety is the most commonly grown European style pear in the world and that doesn’t happen by accident! Amongst its many virtues are the following:
Good for cooking and eating
Excellent grower in Ireland
Good flavour and aroma
Heritage variety dating back to the 1700s
Early season cropping

This is a rather dumpy looking pear which only slightly narrows around the neck. Larger than many pears, the skin is initially green with a few small brown speckles. When it ripens the skin turns a golden colour. The flesh is white. The taste of Williams  pears is sweet but there is a background hint of acidity. There is a slight musk element in the aroma. The flesh is juicy and soft when ripe. One benefit of Williams pears is that they cook very well. The majority of the world production of tinned pears are of the Williams variety.

Additional Information :
Pot Size

55L 20-25cm girth

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