Prunus Victoria

Victoria Plum

Prunus Victoria

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Popular self-fertile variety , cooking plum, producing oblong shaped pale plums ready for picking in August / September, the fruit has rich golden yellow flesh suitable for cooking, canning, bottling or just eating fresh Plant in full sun for best results. Tolerates most soil types, except chalky or poorly drained Great for jellies, preserves and pies – put in the freezer and enjoy all year around!! Fully hardy  The single, white flowers are produced in spring and create a simply beautiful show, not a fussy tree that will grow 3-4 metres tall but can be maintained smaller. 

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Pot Size

10L 150-200cm, 14-16cm Rootballed, 1/2 STD, 3m tall, 180L 18-20cm girth, 3-4m tall, 20-25cm Rootballed, 4m tall

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