Prunus Snow Goose

Prunus Snow Goose

Prunus Snow Goose

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Description :

The flowers of this elegant tree are beautifully snow white, and create a wonderful display in mid-spring. Larger than many of the other ornamental cherries, they have soft pure white petals, surrounding a cluster of long tassled stamens. With its slender upright habit this is an ideal choice where space is limited and can be grown in a large pot on the patio. ‘Snow Goose’ would also make a fine specimen for a lawn or spring border where it can be underplanted with bulbs. In autumn, the normally green leaves turn rich autumn shades before they drop.  Eventual height is 4metres tall and approximate spread is 2metres

Additional Information :

14-16cm girth, 4m tall, Rootballed, 16-18cm Rootballed, 4m tall

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