Pinus mugo Multi-Stem Specimen



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Pinus mugo is a compact shrubby conifer that can add colour, interest and structure to the garden year-round. Growing best in a full sun, its can also tolerate exposed sites and open areas, making it a suitable option for any part of the garden, including those particular areas where certain plants might struggle to grow.

Here we have a mature specimen that has been skillfully pruned to clear out and show off the multi-stem structure, while maintaining neatly clipped clouds to cap each extending branch. Compact in its height at 100-120cm, it is still quite substantial in width, with 14 individual arms extending out from the base and scatted evenly all around. It is supplied in a 160L pot.

Please feel free to pop us an email should you require any more images of this specimen. It is available for viewing on display with our other specimen trees on our Nursery Park. If you are looking for a striking main feature, characteristic trees and/or substantial specimen feature trees, then this is the place to look!






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