Phormium Black Adder



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Phormium ‘Black Adder’ has fabulous glossy, dark burgundy, almost black, leaves, Black Adder is bred from Phormium  ‘Platt’s Black’, a particularly attractive dark phormium from New Zealand that is known for being one of the darkest ever. Science combined with plant theory to create this new, super dark hybrid.  The results are stunning. Where Platt’s Black’s long slender sword-like leaves are deep, deep brown, Black Adder’s are a deep burgundy black with a high gloss overlay. This glossiness accentuates its deep colour and nearly eliminates sun fading.

Use as an accent, specimen, container plant or backdrop to add unique colour and texture, try planting with a lime green, something like a Japanese Maple, Euphorbia or alchmilla mollis for a vibrant contrast. They are evergreen and so give structure to the bed all year round

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