Parrotia Persica

Parrotia Persica

Parrotia Persica

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Description :

Parrotia persica makes a great year round feature with something to offer in every season but is especially stunning in the autumn with its range of colours.

In late winter/early spring, when there is little interest amongst other trees, Parrotia persica produces its flowers on the bare stems. The pinkish red flowers are borne in abundant clusters.

Early to leaf in spring, the foliage is lustrous and green with a waved edge throughout summer. The autumn brings one of the finest displays to be seen on the nursery, with vibrant hues of yellow, red, orange and purple.

The bark of a mature Parrotia trees is also an attractive quality. It is smooth but exfoliates in thin scaly plates, similar to the Platanus acerfolia, to reveal cream, yellow and greens patches of colour.

Additional Information :

300-400cm Feathered, 35L 12-14cm girth

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