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The Olive Tree is a hugely popular tree here but we still think of it as a Mediterranean tree which gives it a slightly exotic feel and with its stunning silver grey foliage and gnarled bark on its older specimens it creates real focal points in our usual darker green gardens.

This one has been grown as a pom pom with three distinctive stems and balls of foliage on each creating a hugely ornamental specimen that looks great in any location in the garden but works particularly well, with the right care, in a pot on the terrace.  We’ve left these ones unclipped at this stage, as you can see but they can be trimmed to create balls of Olive.

What is Olive Quick Decline Syndrome? And should I be concerned ?
Olive Quick Decline Syndrome is a disease caused by a bacterium called Xylella fastidiosa.

The bacterium invades and multiplies within the plants xylem vessels, which transport water and nutrients from roots to shoots and leaves.  The bacteria block these vessels, impairing water uptake in the plants.The disease causes withering and desiccation (extreme dryness) of terminal shoots, which then expand to the rest of canopy, causing the tree to collapse and die.

All our trees are guaranteed and tested prior to leaving Italy for the disease and we have certification to show each tree is free from the bacteria before we accept any Olive or Palm Tree.

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