Malus Golden Delicious / Fruiting Apple Tree


Malus Golden Delicious / Fruiting Apple Tree

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Description :

Golden Delicious is one of the top ten best tasting apples. It’s sweet with a taste similar to honey. This taste disappears to a large degree when stored cold for supermarkets. 

When ripe the apples are a golden yellow colour and often there is a red flush on the sun-facing side. The skin is thinner and more tender compared to most other varieties, a feature which most people find very appealing.   

Taste is definitely sweet and this appeals to children and adults in the same way. It has an unusual depth of flavour to it, almost a rich honey taste which prevents it tasting too sickly. The flesh is crisp and juicy. Creamy white and it stays that way for quite a time when cut open.

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Pot Size

10L 150-200cm, 12-14cm girth Rootballed 3.5m tall

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