Malus domestica Espalier




These Espaliered fruit trees come in several varieties (which can be picked below)

The espaliered frames are from the base and they all come in a 35L pot with a frame of 120cm x 90cm, an ideal way to grow your fruit and look great planted in rows or against a sunny wall. The training is in a candelabra fashion and is a really smart look for any garden.

Malus domestica Belle De Boskoop. – is essentially a dual-purpose apple, suitable for both dessert and culinary uses. It works equally well in a savoury salad, or can be used sliced in  apple pies and flans. Unlike the English Bramley cooking apple, Belle de Boskoop keeps its shape when cooked.

Malus domestica Golden Delicious needs no introduction, this popular eating apple is always a firm favourite.

Malus domestica Melrose –  an excellent dessert quality apple with great preserving qualities.   Can be used for all purposes.

Malus domestica Reinette du Canada – is an old French semi-russetted apple variety. It is one of the most widely-grown russet varieties in France. This is primarily a cooking apple as this is where the taste is best.

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Belle de Boskoop, Golden Delcious, Melrose, Reinette du Canada