Magnolia Grandiflora / Evergreen Magnolia Standard Tree


Magnolia Grandiflora / Evergreen Magnolia Standard Tree

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Description :

An unusual evergreen, Magnolia Grandiflora boasts large, leathery leaves with a dark-green colour on top and a bronzed, furry underneath. The gloriously huge, creamy flowers in late summer (August/September) have a complex lemon perfume and look magnificent against the dark background.

These trees are standard with a 2metre stem  and slightly upright, growing to almost conical shaped evergreen heads, the bonus of these is the magnificent flowers with their scent. Total of 4.2metres tall from the top of the pot to the top of the tree.

Evergreen Magnolias will always do better in a slightly sheltered position and although they don’t m ind our weather they are better suited to the South of the country and Dublin, sorry to all those in the West or far North of the country.

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Pot Size

150L pot 18-20cm girth 3.2metres total height

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