Laurus nobilis Standard Tree



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These beautiful standard trees with a 1.8m stem. With its lustrous, dark green leaves, this evergreen bay laurel standard makes a feature plant almost anywhere in the garden. Clippings of the aromatic leaves are valuable, fresh or dried, for flavouring savoury stocks and sauces. It is pretty tolerant of most conditions, provided it is sheltered from strong, cold winds, and is not kept too wet in winter.

The photo shows the semi-mature 10-12 size


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230L, 20-25cm girth Standard, 35L 10-12cms standard tree, 90L, 2.2m stem 16-18cm girth 1metre head, 130L 18-20cm girth, 1.8m stem, 70L 14-16cm girth, 1.9m stem with Cone Head, 90L 18-20cm girth 1.4m stem