Juniper ‘Horstmann’ Pendula




Hortsmann Juniper is a strong evergreen conifer that takes on a very unusual, characteristic weeping form. Its branches arch out in irregular shapes, along which small, dark green pointed needles are found. It would prefer a position in full sun, preferably with a bit of shelter too, but is generally not too fussy on soil types.

This one is a specimen standing at 300-350cm tall, with the branching starting out nice and low along the strong main trunk. It a magnificent feature tree that would make for an interesting focal point in the garden. It can be seen in our Nursery Park, where it is displayed with many other characteristic feature tree options – anything for mature specimens, cloud pruned bonsais and multi-stem trees. For more information on any of our stock, please feel free to call the office or pop us an email at any time!


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