Hydrangea paniculata Diamant Rouge

hydrangea paniculata Diamond-Rouge

Hydrangea paniculata Diamant Rouge

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‘Diamant Rouge’ is an upright, bushy, deciduous shrub with ovate, pointed, mid- to dark green leaves and flowers from summer into autumn. When they first appear, the petal-like sepals are white, but they soon start to change colour, first to pink and then a deeper shade of rich raspberry red. These large, domed, panicle flowerheads appear in profusion on strong stems and can grow up to 35cm in length. The flower colour may vary slightly depending on the exposure and soil type, but the overall effect is quite dramatic when the plant is in full bloom.
To enhance flowering prune hard in early spring, cutting back the previous season’s shoots to within a few buds of the permanent, woody framework of the plant.

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