Fagus Sylvatica / Beech Trees


Fagus Sylvatica / Beech Trees

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Description :

Beech either in tree or hedge form is a popular but glorious sight around the country and is an extremely smart option for a hedge and windbreak, being semi-evergreen with its striking autumn/winter colours and also as a tree with the added benefit of giving some coverage in the winter months without the price tag of the evergreen options. It is however slow growing so unless you are very patient then we would recommend a slightly larger size.

Additional Information :
Pot Size

10-12cm Rootballed 3-4m, 110L 10-12cm girth, 3.5 – 4metres tall, 110L 16-18cm girth, 4-5metres tall, 12-14cm Rootballed 3-4m, 14-16cm Rootballed, 4 – 4.5m tall, 160L, 175-200cm Rootballed, Feathered, 20-25cm Rootballed, 6m, 6-8cm Rootballed, 200-250cm Feathered, 8-10cm Rootballed, Feathered, Airpot 60-70cm girth

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