Emerald Mist – Natural Pest & Disease Control Spray


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Helps control and get rid of pests and diseases that can harm or kill your house plants, bugs, Aphids, Fungi, Bacteria, Viruses & Moulds can be so hard to control and cause stress to your plants.

Emerald Mist Pest & Disease Control is completely natural, it has a natural Ionised acidic solution with a ph 2.5-3 making it a natural disinfectant containing Hypochlorous Acid. It oxidises the pests and diseases and kills powdery mildew and mould without leaving any chemical residue.

Spray the affected part of the plants until the pest or disease has cleared up. Perfect if you keep your Olive Trees Indoors as they can be more affected by aphids and powdery mildew and it can even be used in your kitchen.

Emerald Mist Natural Pest & Disease control is 100% natural and safe to plants and humans.