Cornus Kousa Milky way

Cornus Milky Way

Cornus Kousa Milky way

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Description :

Cornus kousa Milky Way is a spectacular Chinese Dogwood that was selected from a seedbed in Ohio in the 1960’s and named for its abundant flower display suggestive of the many stars in the Milky Way!

This beautiful tree has dark green foliage in the summer, turning to reds and oranges in autumn.  The profuse display of showy, creamy white bracts are usually borne in June. The fruit is also very flashy and matures throughout the summer period.  These red berries are exceptionally large and often remain on the tree until the autumn.

At Caragh Nurseries we supply this from our Specimen Collection in a 45L pot at 250cm (approx 8ft tall)

Additional Information :

45L 2.5m tall

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