Copper Mixture




Copper Mixture blends three vital trace elements for use in crops that are suffering from trace element deficiencies – copper, manganese and zinc.

Protecting and supporting a range of plants and crops, Copper Mixture can help correct copper deficiency in to name a few Olive trees and Italian Cypress trees.  It tackle manganese deficiencies in many crops food crops too;  overcoming zinc deficiency in fruit grown on sandy soils with high pH and phosphate levels.

Copper Mixture:

  • Simply mix with water for use as a leaf spray
  • Use during periods of active growth
  • Apply early morning or during the evening

For best results do not apply in extreme temperature, very bright sunlight or in drought conditions. Apply the mixture immediately by sprayer ensuring all foliage is evenly wetted.

In cases of severe deficiency, repeat spray as necessary. Do not apply more than three applications a year.

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