Carpinus betulus Standard Espalier



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Hornbeam is a lovely tree as an espalier frame as even though its deciduous it holds onto a small percentage of those copper leaves in the winter giving some cover but also a change with the season.  I have these trees in my own garden and I just adore the new lime coloured  growth in the Spring and the changing through the year.

A lovely formal but natural looking espalier. The standard stem height as per description clear and then the frame above that.





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12-14cm girth, Std, 180cm W x 120cm H frame, 14-16cm girth, Std, 180cm W x 120cm H frame, 45L 12-14cm girth 1.7m stem with 120cm H x 150cm W frame, 12-14cm girth, 1.8m stem, frame 1.2m W x 1.5m H