Broussonetia papyrifera



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Broussonetia papyrifera, commonly known as Paper Mulberry, is a very unique deciduous plant of Asian origin. It is considered to be a large shrub or small tree due to its fast, dense and bushy style of growing. It produces large, attractive grey-green foliage of interesting shape, with irregular lobes that range from shallow to very deeply cut. The leaves and young stems are also slightly haired, being almost velvet-like to touch. Insignificant pale-green flowers can occur in April/May, which, if the summer is sunny and warm enough, can develop into round red fruits in the autumn. Foliage turns yellow in the autumn before the leaves fall for winter. It can be pruned when it is dormant in late autumn/winter.

A sheltered, sunny site is advised to keep this plant looking its best. It can grow up to about 6m tall, and sometimes more than this if the site is suitably sheltered and mild.



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200-250cm Specimen, Rootballed, 250-300cm Specimen, Rootballed, 70L 2-2.5m tall