Acer Leopoldii / Leopolds Maple

Acer Leopoldi

Acer Leopoldii / Leopolds Maple

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35L 10-12cm girth:
35L 16-18cm girth:
18L 8-10cm girth:
Airpot 8-10cm girth:


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Description :

The Leopold Maple is a striking tree with fabulous colouring, the young leaves start a pale pink colour and then turn a creamy green colour with irregular golden yellow spots. It’s leaves are large and has an eventual height of around 14m tall.

This Sycamore has pretty variegated foliage which emerges splashed with pink and yellow, turning more green/cream as the summer progresses. It is particularly stunning in the period from spring to early summer, when the contrast of the foliage is the most striking.


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35L 10-12cm girth, 35L 16-18cm girth, 18L 8-10cm girth, Airpot 8-10cm girth

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