Acer Fibreglass Planter




Our fibreglass planters are manufactured in high-quality reinforced fibreglass, with additional reinforcement in the corners. . The quality of all our fibreglass planters is enhanced by the colouring, which runs through the entire material. The upper edge has been reversed twice, which gives this planter a splendid timeless appearance. We recommend that the planter should be cleaned at least twice a year. Please note that some cleaners may damage or affect the material,   Do not clean with steel wool, sand paper, solvents or any other abrasive materials, cleaning with a pressure washer can also cause damage.
5 year warranty The Acer Shape is round with straight sides that slightly taper although some are wider and shorter while other are narrower but taller, check on the individual dimensions on the dropdown menu.

The individual colours available are shown in each size option.

Back orders are available in additional size, colour options by request and normally take 10-14 days lead time.

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550mm wide x 760mm high, 630mm wide x 520mm high, 890mm wide x 1000mm high, 950 mm wide x 700mm high