Acer campestre Cubed head Std

acer campestre cube head

Acer campestre Cubed head Std



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Description :

Acer Campestre is a deciduous, medium sized tree which is native to much of Europe. In spring, inconspicuous yellow green flowers emerge at the same time as the foliage. The leaves turn a lush green and have five deep, rounded lobes. When autumn comes, the foliage changes to a glorious shade of yellow, this tree has been grown & shaped with incredible detail into a cube shape and has a frame to maintain this shape easily, with a 2metre clear stem and a 1.5metre cubed head it makes a wonderful statement especially planted in a repetitive formation.


180cm stem Std Cube Form

150x150x150cm Cube

Additional Information :
Dimensions150 × 150 × 150 cm
Pot Size


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