Abies Nordmanniana

Abies Nordmanniana

Abies Nordmanniana

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Description :

Large conifer, sometimes used as a Christmas tree with it’s broad, pyramidal crown and side branches growing horizontally at even intervals. Specimens as old as 500 years can be found in some areas of the world but here in Ireland expect around 200 years and 20-30metres at full maturity with a good width of around 5metres.

Given adequate space around the tree, the lower branches remain . Young trees  grow slowly, but as the tree ages, growth quickens somewhat. The young branches are olive green and the small buds do not have any sap. In the winter, the buds turn reddish brown. The shiny, dark green needles make this tree so very tactile and how wonderful to have your own Christmas tree in the garden to light up over the festive period.

Additional Information :

150-175cm Rootballed, 230L 4-5m tall, 70L 200-250cm

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