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Good design is the basis of all beautiful gardens and we can assist you with helping you design the best garden that works for you in the most stylish way.

Caragh Nurseries team have a passion for trees, plants and good design. We offer a full design service in combination with garden planning and planting We love to create and develop practical but innovative concepts for your outdoor space. We have a wide and varied knowledge about plants and their habitats along with practical knowledge of gardens and making the most of the space for you, that brought together ensures that you get the best garden possible for your needs.


We have confidently handled many challenging projects of various styles and sizes. We love to blow you away with our design ideas and advice to enhance the surroundings of your home or business. Caragh Nurseries deliver the highest standards in supply, design, and implementation of your garden.

STEP 1: Consultation €200 + VAT

Consultation process begins with either a visit to our nursery to pick out the kind of plants that you like and/or a visit to your garden or business to get an understanding of anything problematic, like screening and a feel for what style of garden will work for you. We understand the practicalities of gardens keeping maintenance to a minimum where necessary. This site visit is where we also take measurements and then follow up with our recommendations. This may be the only step necessary for you.

STEP 2: Design € 650 + VAT

This service covers everything in the consultation package but we then meet with you with a full drawing plan of the garden, designed and priced and including lighting, lawns, play areas and any hard landscaping, we discuss the options for 3rd parties to carry out any of these additional works.

STEP 3 :  Implementation & Management

This service is varied and depends on so many things but can be in conjunction with Step 1 or Step 2 and is a follow on service from the prices that you have been given. We generally plant the materials we provide but have a very successful reputation for project managing the designs we build, bringing in the professionals required for individual tasks, on time & to budget whilst ensuring standards are maintained and the finish is to the excellent standard that we demand, on both residential and the commercial projects we undertake, working in a similar way to an interior designer but outside!

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