It’s been another busy week at the nursery thankfully, as we are super excited to be exhibiting at the Ideal Homes Spring Show. It’s always such a pleasure for us as we have a long standing relationship with the show and relish the opportunity to put our best feet forward, meeting so many new people and also catching up with some old friends too hopefully.

This year, we are not only exhibiting at our own Caragh Nurseries Stand, but have been lucky enough to have been asked to dress the V2Living Showhouse Garden as well as the Garden and Outdoor Living Pavilion too.

It’s always difficult with any show garden to show you what we do and what we have as a show garden is a snapshot in time. This garden was aimed at blurring the lines between the interior and exterior elements and bringing those to this V2Living Home, looking at the interior and following through the pallet of colour and style. We hope you enjoy it and can find all the details of what’s been included here.

The Garden and Outdoor Living Pavilion which will be a one-stop-shop for expert advice and inspiration along with the latest garden furniture, plants, trees and garden accessories. Our very own Ian McGarry will be taking the stage to discuss The V2 Living Showhouse Garden at 11:30am on Friday and Privacy & Screening for your Garden at 3:30pm on Saturday, so tune in for some expert advice!

Last but by no means least, here at the Caragh Nurseries Stand you will find more of our Finest Outdoor Furniture, magnificent trees, plants and pots and some really cool garden accessories too.

Items included in the Stand


 Pinus Sylvestris bonsai   €1350
Cryptomeria globosa nana   €70.00
 Skimmia fragrant cloud. €20.00
 Forsythia mikador  3L. €18.00
Arbutus unedo   €95.00
Photinia Red Robin   Half Standard  €450.00
 Pinus Viridis aurea €480.00
 Pinus mugo    €20.00
Pinus brepo   €110.00
Salix Kilmarnock  €75.00
Evergreen magnolia  Three quarter standard Espalier. €500 
Stachys byszantia 2L  €7.50 
Fatsia japonica   €50.00
Osmanthus burkwoodii   7.5L.  €25.00
Acer Sango kaku   €135.00
Magnolia Susan half standard  €125.00
Magnolia loebneri ‘Merrill’ standard tree. €280.00
Acer beni maiko   €165.00
Acer acontifolium   €210.00
Acer little princess   €165.00
Acer Katsura   €155.00
Evergreen Jasmine arch. €675.00 
Magnolia stellata   €150.00
Magnolia Susan    125-150cm. €80.00 
Bamboo phyllostachys aurea. 10L. €40.00
Bamboo phyllostachys spectabilis. 18L. €68.00 
Evergreen magnolia   €125.00
Cycas revoluta   €195.00
Chamaerops compacta   €60.00
Polystichum setiferum   2L. €7.50
Mattatucea  fern 2L  €7.50
Blechnum spicant 2L  €7.50
Cordyline pink star   €110.00
Cordyline festival burgundy  5L  €20.00
Chamaerops cerifera    €380.00
Evergreen magnolia. three quarter standard  €1050.00
Olive tree half standard   €180.00
Buxus cone  100-110cm.  €195.00 
Buxus ball 35-40cm.  €55.00 
Buxus ball 50cm. €180.00 
Viburnum x carlcephalum 5L  €15.00 
Viburnum Dawn.  5L. €15.00
Cupressus sempervirens  spiral  €155.00
Viburnum  tinus quarter  standard. €55.00 
Olive spiral   €600.00
Rhododendron roseum elegans    €75.00
Osmanthus burkwodii    €45.00
Hellebores Mollys white   €17.50 
Cupressus Sempervirens    €120.00
Cupressus Sempervirens  €85.00
Cupressus Sempervirens   €65.00
Skimmia Kew white   €30.00


Apollo Pot €310

Granada pots €175 – €350

Naxos Contemporary – available in coffee bean or charcoal  

Monzo Pot €150 – €300

Weathered Cement Trough Planters €398 – €700

Lucia Stone Grey Planters €120 – €320


Finn & Elder Furniture 

Olivia Sofa Set

Lisse table &Dunmore dining chairs 

Gas Fireplace

We are delighted to have these opportunities to showcase our work on multiple platforms and really hope we can welcome as many of you as possible. Our friendly staff are on hand to answer your questions and offer advice, so please do say hello.

  The Nursery is still Open while we are here at the Show

Friday  8am – 5pm

Saturday  9am – 5pm

Sunday   Closed

045 879170




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