We are asked so many times how to plant trees, shrubs and hedging that we have put together a little how to on what we think of as the most obvious things in the world but for all you Garden Virgins out there here is how to not to kill a plant – which to be honest in most cases is really, really difficult but still garden novices all over the country still manage to do it so here I’m going to try to give you a few pointers.

Don’t leave in the pot too long, plants don’t grow in pots for long periods they belong in the soil. We manage to do so because we manage it really carefully, giving them the right amount of water and feed to keep them at their best but we still have to monitor that they aren’t in the same pot for prolonged periods. If you do intend to use pots or planters for your plants then make sure with us or another professional that the pot is the right size and that you use a good quality compost.

When you are planting your trees, hedging and plants unless you have really poor soil then you shouldn’t need additional compost or peat, we wouldn’t normally use either of these when we plant, it isn’t necessary.

Don’t plant too deep and if in doubt plant higher rather than lower, you can see from the soil mark on most plants where thy need to be planted up to and NEVER feel the need to plant any deeper than that, you will just rot the plants.

Stake all trees, without they will move and sometimes even with these they can move but it will ensure that this is minimal.  If your trees are larger they will need double stake & tie but ask when buying your trees.

You don’t need to add anything at all when planting, No feed, No Farm yard manure and definitely no mushroom compost or green waste.  A really good quality mulch/soil enricher is the only thing we would recommend when you are planting and there are a couple of places in Ireland that you can get this from in bulk which will save you money in the long run.  Try

Do water your trees, plants and hedging in when planting but the when to water debate still is a constant torture to us! Water just enough but watering too much is worse again than not enough, How do I know what is enough I hear you all screaming at your screens. Water until the ground is wet but not sodden, they don’t want to be sitting in water all that will do is rot the roots. Think of your plants less of an innate object more like your dog, cat or youngest child. You wouldn’t leave them without water but you don’t worry daily that they are getting enough!  The worst thing about watering your trees and plants is that over water and under watering manifests itself in the same way, the way to tell is check the soil, go on have a root around just under the surface, is it damp? Yes then the plant is fine. Is it wet, the soil more muddy and if you squeeze it does water come out, then you are over watering or your soil is holding too much water and if you still don’t know then do ask us, we are here to help an we honestly are so used to Stupid Questions!!

The other thing we recommend to everyone who has invested in prized plants is an irrigation system, they aren’t very expensive and definitely cheaper than losing all those plants that you just paid for. We can advise you on which one and where to get them from but don’t be tempted to buy the cheapest one you can find, there is a reason its so cheap!

It isn’t necessary to turn the soil in your beds before planting or indeed at any stage, it might look nice to have perfectly tilled soil but all you are doing is increasing the opportunities for weeds to wriggle their way in.  If you want the freshly tilled look then probably the best thing to do is add soil enricher to the top of the soil, it will give the same look but will be far better for your plants.

The most important thing to remember is to enjoy your garden, it really isn’t easy to kill your Plants so stop stressing so much.






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