Garden Design


We go through all aspects of what you would like to achieve in your garden and thereafter, create a design tailored just for you. Our new design studio is a great space to meet and show you plans, trees and plants that we are suggesting for your garden, or if you prefer, we can travel to your location.


Please use our calender to book an appointment with one of our designers.



Catch them while you can

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Hedging comes in such a wide range of sizes these days from the smaller 2 - 3 feet options through to some amazing plants for screening and privacy and instant maturity at 8-10 feet tall, these more mature sizes of hedging is where we have really made our name in
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Rootballed Trees & Hedging

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Rootballed Trees & Hedging Offer Many Advantages, They Are More Economical, Environmentally a Better Option and Are Quicker To Establish Especially fo

Bare root hedging

bare-root, hedging, Instant hedging, mature hedging, Rootballed hedging,
Bareroot plants are plants that have been grown in the open ground and then lifted to be transplanted during the dormant season. This is generally bet

The Need For Screening and Speed

garden privacy, Instant hedging, mature hedging, Privacy, Rootballed, Screening,
One of the most common requests we get from our customers is for trees that can be used for screening, as a natural privacy barrier. Evergreen hedging