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We all understand the importance of being outdoors and spending time in nature and our gardens are a key part of that.  It is  just as important to add character to our gardens and a great way to do that is with Corten Steel. With its unique blend of durability, low maintenance, versatility, and eye-catching aesthetics, its  easy to see why Corten Steel is an excellent choice, in your garden.

Corten Steel is also known as weather resistant steel and is a very strong, steel alloy. Extremely suited to the Irish environment.  As soon as the Corten Steel is exposed to the elements it will naturally weather and develop a protective layer of rust, in this rich patina and this natural, fixed coating of rust provides protection against further corrosion. The steel underneath remains unimpaired, as the outer layer continues to protect and regenerate as its exposed to water and oxygen. They can be easily cleaned with a hose or power washer and the colour and texture will not be affected.


Even more its versatile in range and its variety of sizes and shapes from planters and pots to fire bowls, landscape edging, stairs, garden decorations to water features and ponds, the distinct characteristic of Corten Steel offers a versatile solution that seamlessly blends rustic charm with modern elegance. If you’re looking for this option there are many ways you can incorporate Corten Steel into your garden and also witness how it weathers over time, enhancing the beauty of your outdoor spaces.

Pots and Planters:

Corten Steel pots and planters bring a contemporary edge to garden design. Their sleek, minimalist aesthetic complements a variety of plantings, from vibrant grasses and flowers to sculptural mature specimens. Again with age, the steel develops that rich, earthy patina that harmonises with the natural surroundings, creating a striking visual contrast against any greenery. The weathering process enhances the character of the planters, making them focal points within the garden while providing a durable and long-lasting solution for your garden display.

*See planting tips below for Corten Steel Planters


Fire Bowls:

Introducing a Corten Steel fire bowl to your garden adds more warmth and ambiance, transforming outdoor spaces into inviting gathering spots. Whether used for roasting marshmallows with loved ones or simply enjoying the crackle of flames on a cool evening, our range of Corten Steel fire bowls will provide a captivating focal point. As the fire bowl weathers, it will intensifying the beauty of the dancing flames, and create a rustic allure that enhances the overall look of the bowl.

Landscape Edging and Stairs:

Corten Steel landscape edging and stairs offer both practicality and visual interest, delineating garden beds and pathways with style. Their clean lines and weathered finish seamlessly blend into the landscape, providing definition while allowing plants and foliage to take centre stage. Whether used to create terraced gardens or accentuate the contours of the land, Corten Steel edging and stairs add dimension and structure to outdoor spaces, enhancing the overall design aesthetic with their timeless appeal.

Water Features and Ponds:

Incorporating Corten Steel into a water feature or ponds introduces an element of serenity and sophistication to the garden. The contrast of the steel’s weathered surface against the tranquil flow of water creates a captivating focal point that evokes a sense of calm and harmony. Whether in the form of cascading water ponds, reflective pools, or sculptural water tables, a Corten Steel water feature adds depth and character to outdoor environments, transforming ordinary gardens into tranquil retreats that beckon visitors to linger and reflect.



By integrating Corten Steel elements into your garden, this will offer a myriad of benefits from enhancing aesthetic appeal to adding ambience or providing durable and functional solutions for various landscaping needs. Whether used as planters, fire bowls, landscape edging, stairs, water features, or ponds, Corten Steel products will add a touch of modern elegance and timeless sophistication to your outdoor space. Embracing the weathering process only enhances the allure of Corten Steel, allowing it to evolve gracefully over time and become an integral part of your garden’s story.


Our planting advice for CORTEN STEEL Planters;
1. Cover the bottom of the planter with a layer of gravel (approx. 10 cm, Ø35 mm grading).
2. Place a permeable anti-root membrane over the gravel.
3. Cover the membrane with soil suitable for your chosen plants.
4. Do not use an overflow pipe; no water should remain in the Corten Steel planter


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