Give the Gift of a Tree

I don’t know about you but when it comes to giving gifts for family and friends I like to ensure that I give something thoughtful and meaningful and something they’re going to love so the perfect gift for lots of occasions is a tree delivered and here are some of my favourites for different occasions and some ideas for you

New Baby  / Christening

Cherry Tree   – New beginnings

Fig Tree , Apple, Plum, Pear or Cherry Tree  – bearing fruit, hope and prosperity

Oak Tree – Strength & courage

Birch Tree  – Birth and Purity

Rose Bush – Love and affection



Fruit Trees; Figs, Cherries, Apples, Pear, Plums or Damson – Love & prosperity

Camellia Bush or Tree – Love and endearment

Crab Apple tree – Love& Marriage

Olive Tree – Peace

Rose Bush – Love & adoration

Pyrus (ornamental pear) tree -longevity, abundance, fruitfulness


Some anniversaries have specific gifts that tie in nicely like 4th Fruit, 5th Wood, 7th Copper and all the latter years which tie in with jewels/colours but why not choose something that means something to you, specifically. I had peonies in my wedding bouquet so I now have white peonies in my garden that flower around that time in June.  My very lucky friend got married earlier in the year and had Mimosa in her bouquet which is fabulous and so her parents bought her a Mimosa/Accacia tree for her first anniversary. Magnolia is another wonderful reminder of your special day but what about something like a Beech or Oak that will grow from strength to strength. My favourite for meaning is the Lime Tree representing the Sacred Heart, love & fidelity.

Mimosa/Acacia Flower

New Home

This one really does depend on the size of the garden and whats there already but pretty much anything goes from Olive Trees, Bay Tree to the Cherry Tree signifying new beginnings.

Significant Birthday

Like the anniversaries this is more about the person and their existing garden but what about a flowering crab apple tree, an Olive Tree, a bay tree or a very individual Japanese Maple Tree.  A recent one I gave was a Vine Tree which apparently signifies friendship and support.

In Memory Tree

Oak Trees and Beech Trees are very popular memorial trees but think about the person and what they loved,  see my story below of my Uncles Magnolia Tree what about a favourite rose bush especially a climbing one.  Maybe a flowering tree again like a Cherry or a Crab Apple Tree or a Rowan /Sorbus Tree that berries in the Autumn in a range of colours.  Maybe a Holly Tree, again with berries would be a fitting tribute too.

Retirement Tree

This one feels like it should be really significant, its a big milestone, right?  Now so much more than it was, when we get to retire now is on our terms, its not reaching a certain age but its when we decide its the right time, when we make that decision to take it easier or not as the case may be but either way it should definitely be celebrated by the person who has made that monumental decision and by those who are going to miss them in the workplace, you can’t replace experience and as we well know, its great to have youth and exuberance but the right amount of wise elves are needed too.  Think something significant here, mature Olive Tree or definitely those Beech or Oak Trees but maybe something equally as stately in Maple or Lime too.

Congratulations  & Thank you Gifts

What better way to say thank you or well done than with a plant or small tree, it will last much longer than a bunch of flowers and will always be well received, take a look at some of our small trees here  or flowering plants here


What we don’t send is a tiny gift wrapped tree that does, admittedly,  look great to unwrap, but is so tiny that the chances of it not taking, being damaged by kids and dogs or being eaten by rabbits is all really high.  Our trees are all significant and already a good size and growing well.  We do send them with a message from you and we do deliver them directly to the recipient, our trees aren’t the kind of thing that fits into the boot.  This gift will look amazing, will be really gratefully received and will make an immediate impact whether that be in size or in flower,  straight away.

When buying a flowering tree, consider the time of year it is in flower, does that coincide with marking the event, birthday, anniversary or a reminder of a person.

I love to give fits of trees as a New baby gift, its so special and that tree will grow with them but if you are lucky enough to be able to give a newborn baby that was born in say April or May a Cherry tree that will flower at that time then even better. If your anniversary is in September then maybe a fruit tree that will fruit at that time of year.  For a retirement in Summer maybe a Summer flowering tree or even a rose bush.

Just a little story for you,  my Great Uncle, in the UK had the most amazing Magnolia Tree in his garden, it was a spectacle and as a child and into my teens and early twenties I remember this beauty of a tree and when he passed away we sent his long term partner (who didn’t live with him) and my mum (his niece)  a Magnolia tree of the same variety and now we look at those trees as they’ve grown to be real beauties too.

If you’d prefer to ask us directly for your ideal gift and ensure that it goes on the right day with the perfect message for you the do contact us directly on the usual contact details  or 045 879170





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