Still enjoying getting in the Garden

Back at it with a bang after my week away but keeping up with the mindset shift and ensuring that relaxation is built into my week too and that includes getting to spend more time in my garden and planning what works are being carried out in the garden over the winter to prepare for next years new garden. There is nothing better than getting outdoors, getting involved in the garden and the exercise involved in that and you get the Vitamin D to top it off. I can’t see peoples new found love of the Outdoors and Gardening changing anytime soon, its so good for you and feeds your soul. I am so enjoying getting around the nursery and making the time to get out and see what’s happening and how the production is going, its so easy to get caught up in the office and all that is involved in that.

At this time of year, we can expect anything from one to three deliveries per week, with anything up to 12,500 items per load. As you can imagine, this keeps us very busy unloading and organising. Some of this stock will go straight back out to customers who had ordered items for their design projects, but there is always lots left here on the nursery for sale.

It’s always really busy but exciting too, unloading lorries. All hands are on deck as our nursery staff begin unloading with a tele-porter and a forklift. This is done with caution as each tree needs to be moved with care and attention so that it doesn’t get scratched or broken in the unloading process. Each tree is then given a special holding spot before being placed at the right area of the nursery.


A lot of thought goes into the perfect placement of plants and trees on the nursery, as different species prefer different conditions like light, shade, warmth and cool or breezy positions. We do our absolute best to ensure that all of our plants and trees thrive as much as possible, so take great care in ensuring that environmental conditions are optimum.

Once the stock has been labelled and priced, it’s then photographed for the website and added to our stock list. It’s a lengthy process but it feels like Christmas seeing all the stock that has been picked out from our Italian, Spanish and Dutch partner nurseries.

A lot of our specimens are one of a kind and so the description and representation on the website is really important to get right. This can only be done with a good image and putting ourselves in the eyes of you, the garden owner, by describing it in such a ways that you can picture exactly what it looks like. This is especially true this week of our Olive trees and Palm trees that arrived in. Some of these are so very specific that we can’t just take the descriptions as each one has to be photographed and documented individually. Even when we order the exact same specification and size as previous the difference is still clear with each load. So now our Olive House is full to brimming with some absolute beauties and wonderfully mature specimens. As is our Palm House with some fabulous additions that look fabulous.

We are very grateful to see so much of our stock leave the nursery almost as soon as its unloaded, sometimes we don’t get to complete the entire labelling process. It’s never too long before another lorry is due, so rest assured, if what you’re looking for is unavailable, it can usually be sourced within a few weeks, in so far as the seasons dictate.

Please feel free to contact us if there is something in particular you would like us to source, we are always happy to help find the perfect specimen and our partner nurseries allow us to stock a wide variety of trees and plants that are not always available in other Irish nurseries.

For those not travelling to the nursery, our support team on the nursery are always delighted to take you photos and videos of specific trees and give you all the advice you need, like any garden centre. Its great to have those close relationships with garden centres too, we work closely with Johnstown Garden Centre In Naas as they have lots of things that we don’t and likewise they would recommend people to us for the more mature stock that we specialise in.

So this week, take a leaf out of my book and get out into the garden, rake up or blow those leaves, tidy the beds and get planning for what needs doing over the winter to prepare for next years garden. Next week will be all about trees, mature ones, rootballed ones and Autumn, Winter interest ones too – until then Happy Gardening



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