Another huge Milestone

We have both been working exceptionally hard to finish a really exciting key, turning point in our business this last few weeks, it has taken a huge amount of time and effort but we are almost there and the hard work on getting the set up has been completed and now the last stages of our UK nursery has been completed and the final stage is with the web developers before we launch Caragh Nurseries UK in the next two weeks. Our nursery is based in the West Midlands, being a central position within England to service initially the six to seven counties around the Staffordshire/Birmingham area up to Cheshire and down to the lower Midlands for the first year but increasing that delivery area to include all of England by 2024.

The nursery is all set up and ready on the ground and the delivery vehicles are ready too and now the final stage is with our fantastic web developers 2Cubed in Wexford to complete the web launch being our shop window for all the same trees, hedging and plants that we offer in Ireland to our customer s in the UK. We will also be offering delivery and planting too. Our pots will also be offered to our clients in England and building to offer next summer Finn & Elder furniture too. One thing we won’t be offering initially is the design service as our team in Ireland are busy enough at this stage. Its been a lot of hard work but the feeling of achievement is huge and we are looking forward to the official launch.

Today while mindlessly scrolling through my news feed which includes lots of International garden mixed with a splattering of home & garden influencers an image hit me, it was nothing special and had probably been reproduced so many times before, it read “Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called passion” it stopped me in my tracks as I realised how lucky myself & Ian are, we have a real love for what we do, we love growing, we love designing and we love creating beautiful gardens and without getting all sentimental, which I really very rarely do, we are able to do that together and usually do so very harmoniously. So now I can refer to what I do as a passion and this passion has kept me exceptionally busy this last week and we are lucky to have the best team around us to carry out the launch of Caragh Nurseries UK as well as keeping the high levels of quality and service that we and you have to come to expect of us here in Ireland too.

Wish us luck





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