Tropical Gardens without the tropics

It is possible to create a tropical looking garden right here in Ireland, now if you live in Connemara or even the Curragh plains then maybe it might be a step too far but for city and town gardens you can create your own little tropical oasis and here is how to go about it.

It’s all about set-up and good selection, choosing tropical-look plants with bold colours and lush evergreen foliage. And there are a surprising number of these plants to do the job in our climate.  When you get around to planting, do it densely. You might need to remove few plants later if things get too overgrown.  Aim for a backbone of large and glossy-leafed foliage plants and a variety of bold greens. Introduce vibrant flowering plants among the green.

The key is texture with both plants and other materials, wooden screens or seating  add a hammock and you could be anywhere in the world.

Anything with a large leaf creates the first backdrop and we like the look of these Magnolia Grandiflora, bamboo is a given for both texture, structure and also sound and then get going with the palms   these are what are going to really give that tropical feel.

Add a little colour with Cannas, Cordylines and even a Datura and you are away with a hack.   Who needs the tropics with all the insects when you can create your own tropical garden.




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