Hit Pause – The Caragh Nurseries Garden

It’s a GOLD…

We are so happy to have won a gold medal and Best in Show!

The last items of the garden have just been installed, the plants have been tweaked and the paths have been swept of any rogue leaves. The furniture has been placed in position and everything is looking magnificent. Is Andrew happy, yes at this stage he really is. Its been a long road to get here; three years in the design process, two year ago we handpicked the multi-stemmed trees, for their structure and the crown. A year go we started growing the remainder of the plants and picking the best of the Rhododendrons , we picked 12 and had them delivered to the nursery so that we could pick the two best ones at the last minute.

The copper sculptures are now in place and look amazing in the sun in the Phoenix park, there are copper features in tiny detail around the garden, they aren’t obvious initially but the devil is in the detail. The Italian white stone glistens in the sun and the cubes of Buxus that have been growing for eight months and trimmed regularly to create a very clean look alongside the polished concrete. As you walk along the pathway the detail in that wall of succulents at eye level leads you along the path through to the water twin pools ahead.

The garden, while a large show garden, is aimed at creating intimacy between the occupants and the garden itself, staggered boardwalks leading you through the space and set up views opportunities to see different vistas and opportunities within the space. The repetition of materials within the garden is key to creating a cohesive space. With this in mind we have chosen to show you how to link a space in different ways using similar materials.

Hit Pause is a garden inspired by the new found appreciation of gardens and outdoor spaces, when we were forced to hit pause on our busy lives, it awakened the new found lust for all things outdoors and Caragh Nurseries as sponsor of this garden were leading the way in guiding and advising their audience on their wide selection of trees, plants and shrubs and especially their more mature and specimen options. The furniture in the garden is our in-house furniture brand, Finn & Elder and the piece used is designed by moi, my lockdown project as most of you have seen. The Dunmore sofa collection has the most beautiful curved timber back, elegantly showing the craftsmanship, sitting perfectly on the polished surface.

Andrew Christopher Garden Designs is a multi-award winning design practice based in Co Louth taking commissions both throughout Ireland but also throughout Europe and Worldwide, he and his team specialise in the design and construction of high quality unique gardens with an emphasis on style and beauty.

What makes his practise unique is the journey he takes his clients on introducing them to a world of possibility through the innovative use of materials and limitless imagination for any given space, his relationship with Caragh Nurseries as both his clients and supplier of Plant materials has led us all on this journey and we are all delighted with the result.

Full Plant List below,


Zelkova serrata

Coryllus avellana

Prunus Accolade 



Buxus Sempervirens / Box Balls

Buxus Sempervirens / Box

Arbutus unedo

Euphorbia Robbiae 

Euonymous Europaeus

Fatsia Japonica

Nandina Lemon & Lime 

Rhododendron Cunninghams White

Viburnum oculus Compactum



Briza media

Calamagrostis Karl Foerster 

Carex Intense Green

Deschampsia cep. Schottland

Deschampsia flexuosa

Molinia caerulea Transparent

Stipa gigantic



Blechnum spicant

Dicksonia antartica

Dryopteris affinis

Dryopteris erythrosora Brilliance

Dryopteris felix-mas

Matteuccia strthiopteris 

Polystichum polyblepharum

Polystichum setiferum



Alchemilla mollis

Angelica archangelica

Anthriscus syl. Ravenswing

Aquilegia Barlow Black

Aquilegia vul. Ruby Port

Astilbe ton sur white

Astrantia ‘Star of Beauty’

Astrantia Shaggy

Astrantia Star of Billion

Athriscus sylvestris

Campanula alba

Centranthus ruber Albus

Cirsium Atropurpureum

Digitalis Dalmation Purple

Digitalis Lucas White

Geranium Sambor

Epimedium x youngainum Niveum

Foeniculum Purpureum

Galium odoratum

Geranium Johnsons blue

Iris Siberia Blue King

Kanutia Macedonia

Rogersia aesculifolia

Rogersia podophylla

Salvia Amistad

Salvia Royal Bumble

Salvia Amazing Blue

Stachys Byzantina

Tellima grandifolia

Thalictrum Nimbus White

Succulents –

Echeveria chihuahuensis

Pachyphytum bracteosum

Sedum acre Aureum

Sempervivum lipari

Sempervivum Oddity

Sempervivum Ruby Heart

Sempervivum cilosum borisii



Dunmore sofa set 





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