Going Potty over Planters

Where last week was all about furniture and getting the display ready, this week is all about pots and planters. We have worked hard to make our newly revamped site  much easier to navigate and with that we’ve managed to put some order onto our ever increasing range of pots and planters. They have become such a major part of what we do now that we have loved designing more of the things that we know you’ve asked for and lots that hopefully you haven’t seen before but that we know you’ll love as much as we do. So what I was doing this week was re-arranging them into their respective collections and adding lots of new stock that we have unloaded and unwrapped this week too.

So I thought you might like to see a rundown of our collections and some of the new stuff too.

Atlantis Collection

First up, just because its in alphabetical order is our Atlantis pots.

Atlantis pots have a unique textured finish formed by salt and sand which creates the ‘Atlantis’ look. The pots range in colour from chalky whites to yellows, earthy greens to browns. Atlantis pots give your garden a touch of the ancient world. Made new, Atlantis pots are designed to look as though they have been salvaged from the depths of history. Constructed from modern materials using contemporary techniques, they bring the aesthetics of ancient civilisations to your garden. Our range features a variety of jars, urns and planters, treated to be frost resistant and as durable as they appear to have been.

These pots are exclusive, in Ireland to us at Caragh Nurseries. Not designed by us but stunning all the same, these pots are on pre-sale currently and not all the stock is on yet, we are teasing you by releasing a few at a time but the wait is worth it, they will be arriving in 2-3 weeks time and we already have lots of pre-orders. They really are very special

Callsito Collection

Our Callsito Collection is a collection of rich and textured Iron-ore pots, designed for and exclusive to Caragh Nurseries, in beautiful urn shapes and textured interesting shapes. You will have seen these in posts I have written before but I am very please with how these feel in a garden, so much so I have a collection of them in my own garden. A really popular collection that you won’t find anywhere else


Corten Steel Collection

You will probably be very familiar with our Corten Steel pots come in a wide range of shapes and sizes from the troughs and cubes to the round Atlas and round tapered Cado pots the texture and colour of the Corten steel feels luxurious and lifts any garden


Fibreglass Collection

Next up is the Fibreglass Pots & planters, these are hugely popular as they come in so many different shapes and sizes. The troughs are in sizes up to 2.3m long so ideal for long runs, we’d use these a lot in partitions in hotels and restaurants as well as longer walls in gardens. The high gloss pots are hugely impactive and these even come in some rather special organic shapes


Oberon Collection

Then we have the Oberon Collection, beautifully designed collection of mainly shades of grey and rich browns GRFC pots, exclusive to Caragh Nurseries. These pots are made to withstand extreme weather conditions and add a touch of sophistication to any garden.


Italian Terracotta Collection

Our Terracotta pots are the real deal, imported directly from the potteries in Sienna, Tuscany. We have three different styles and each one comes in a range of sizes. The largest size is 1metre in diameter, big enough to bath the kids in


Thalassa Collection

The last of our current collections is the newest of all the ranges and these planters in Naturally grey Kubu rattan are ideal for Olive trees, agapanthus, lavender or salvia as well as plenty of other flowering plants or herbs. Kubu is a type of rattan that grows in Indonesian forests of Kalimantan, Sumatra  and is naturally grey in colour. We have a great range of shapes, sizes and variety of uses for these pots and a couple of lovely armchairs in this material too.


Elara Collection – not yet available to order

Last but not least is a collection that we have designed with our factory and is currently in production, its one that we have been working on the colours for some time, we had the shapes in our head but we want to create some different colours than we currently had, some dappled shades and I wanted to see a green in the range (there will be more greens and blues to come in some wonderfully deep shades) Our Elara Collection is just two shapes to start with and 2 sizes too but they are magnificent and these new colours are great additions to the collection, I really have loved working on them over the last year and I’m delighted with how they’ve turned out. Like the furniture, these collections don’t happen overnight its a lot of designs on paper then trials getting them right in the moulds and then the work really starts on getting the colours right and that’s where the factory that we partner with is always invaluable.

So that’s our pots, I hope you’ve enjoyed the process, next week we will be back to doing some work in the garden, after the copious amounts of work over the last few weeks I’m going to take a couple of days in the garden so I’ll be journaling what is happening and what to do, I’m looking forward to that, until then Happy Gardening




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