Bloom update for this week

It’s five weeks and counting, which might seem like a long time for most but in the life of a show garden it’s starting to really heat up. This week was about mainly the plants, making sure some of them are kept warm and get enough growth and some are kept cooler and don’t flower before the big day and lots of deliberating over the above has been happening and pulling of hair out, by me anyway, most of the boys don’t worry about little things like hair!
There was lots of work happening on the walls which are all being built in Monaghan and then transported to the Phoenix Park, some work on the Italian paving which was really exciting and then we got to visit the sculptor to check on the progress of our copper sculptures and they are almost completed, just the final finishing off of those.
On the more operational side we met with our Bloom ambassador who was so enthusiastic about the while garden and a real pleasure. We sat down for brunch in our own garden to talk through the different stages of the build and his enthusiasm was contagious.


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