New stock every day and week

Here we are, half way through August and at this time of year, we can expect anything from one to three truck loads of deliveries per week, with anything up to 12,500 items per load. As you can imagine, this keeps us very busy unloading and organising. Some of this stock will go straight back out to customers who had ordered items for their design projects, but there is always lots left here on the nursery for sale.

It’s always really busy but exciting too, unloading lorries. All hands are on deck as our nursery staff begin unloading with a tele-porter and a forklift. This is done with caution as each tree needs to be moved with care and attention so that it doesn’t get scratched or broken in the unloading process. Each tree is then given a special holding spot before being placed at the right area of the nursery.

A lot of thought goes into the perfect placement of plants and trees on the nursery, as different species prefer different conditions like light, shade, warmth and cool or breezy positions. We do our absolute best to ensure that all of our plants and trees thrive as much as possible, so take great care in ensuring that environmental conditions are optimum.

Once the stock has been labelled and priced, it’s then photographed for the website and added to our stock list. It’s a lengthy process but it feels like Christmas seeing all the stock that has been picked out from our Italian and Dutch partner nurseries.

A lot of our specimens are one of a kind and so the description and representation on the website is really important to get right. This can only be done with a good image and putting ourselves in the eyes of you, the garden owner, by describing it in such a ways that you can picture exactly what it looks like.

We are very grateful to see so much of our stock leave the nursery almost as soon as its unloaded, sometimes we don’t get to complete the entire labelling process. It’s never too long before another lorry is due, so rest assured, if what you’re looking for is unavailable, it can usually be sourced within a week to 10 days, in so far as the seasons dictate.

This weeks loading lists have just arrived from both Holland and Italy and they include lots and lots of Buxus balls, some Japanese Maples in greens, golds and deep reds.  We have a whole heap of Italian Cypresses from the smallest size of 125-150cm right up to 4metres plus. We have some fig trees as well as a good deal of Bay Laurels as trees and also hedging, lots of Photinia Red Robin, Jasmines and Wisterias to name just some of the goodies to be unloaded, probably as you are reading this. There are some Espaliered trees and standard trees as well as lots of mature hedging.

Why we import trees ?

In lots of cases the stock we bring in from Italy, especially are trees and hedging that would take almost twice as long to grow here and we do grow lots of them here but don’;t have all the sizes and shapes in our 65 acres that we need so we have the best of both worlds by having such a good supply from our partner in Italy.  Our Field Production Manager, Rob is aiming to have much more of the things you want available from our own fields in Caragh over the next 18 months and our plans for our in-house production is ambitious and I look forward to sharing our production with you and some of Rob’s tips on trees over the coming weeks prior to our Rootballed season in October.

Please feel free to contact us if there is something in particular you would like us to source, we are always happy to help find the perfect specimen and our partner nurseries allow us to stock a wide variety of trees and plants.  We are always planning on the nursery increasing our range and keeping you inspired with the best of our Gardens Designs, next week I will be sharing with you a very special Garden Design and lots of tips for adding your style to your garden.



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