Lots of Pots!

We have been busy sourcing lots of lovely new pots for a number of projects and the new stock we have found are really special. As we slowly grow the range, we’ve managed to find some amazing, contemporary pots that fit just perfectly with our plants and trees. They compliment each other beautifully and we are delighted to be able to offer the range to you. We do hope you liken them as much as we do!

From 60cm cubes right through to the long trough planters, or huge terracotta pots that we could bath the whole family in, we have something for every space! Our 60cm pots are ideal for front doors or along a terrace and being fibreglass they can be moved, even when filled. The fibreglass planters are very practical and come in a range of 5 colours but our most popular by far is the anthracite. We’ve put together some of our favourite options, along with some ideas for planting, to hopefully help you choose.

First up is our Italian Terracotta Vaso Liscio, which comes in three large sizes. These pots that have a time tested classical design, are made with local clay and finished by hand in the same traditional way that master pot makers have been doing for centuries. By being fired at an extremely high temperature they become frost resistant (-16°) making them ideally suitable for today’s landscaping requirements. They are such a classic look and work well in a modern, simple garden, or as part of a more formal space. We use these often for planting Olive trees and in Mediterranean style gardens.

Next is our Italian Terracotta Vaso Festonato, which has more of a Tuscan feel about it. All of our Terracotta pots are hand finished in Sienna and we have chosen them directly at the potteries (back in the days when we could travel!) and transport them with a selection of our plants from Tuscany.

Our hugely popular Fibreglass planters are manufactured with high-quality reinforced fibreglass, with additional reinforcement at the corners. The quality of all our Fibreglass planters is enhanced by the colouring, which runs through the entire material. These trough planters are ideal for separating areas of the garden, adding layers to boundaries or for screening planting, we use them very successfully within lots of our design projects, in both commercial and residential gardens. 

Fibreglass planters are also available in alternative shapes, the Acer pot, which is round with straight sides that slightly taper; some are wider and shorter, while others are narrow but taller.

Also the Buxus fibreglass planters in both cube and taller cuboid forms are alongside the troughs, our biggest sellers.

We have just one option in Aluminium, but it really is something special. The Sydney is a large circular planter made from 3mm aluminium, which makes it a little more costly than most of our pots. The beauty of these is that they are light, strong, durable and resistant to corrosion. The top edge of all of our planters is reversed twice, which gives them a strong and timeless appearance.

Corten Steel, also known as weather resistant steel, is a very strong, steel alloy. As soon as Corten Steel is exposed to the elements it will naturally weather and develop a protective layer of rust and this natural, fixed coating of rust provides protection against further corrosion. The steel underneath remains unimpaired, as the outer layer continues to protect and regenerate as it’s exposed to water and oxygen. Available in trough, cube and cado shapes, the distinct characteristic of Corton Steel is the orange brown rust colour and it’s longevity.

After a little longer than expected, we are delighted to finally offer a new and exclusive range of pots to Ireland. They are exceptional quality and we have specifically designed them for outdoor use in our climate, to sit alongside the current ranges of pots we do and compliment but add a twist to the options. Made of reinforced fibreglass concrete for outdoor use, as they have drainage holes in them. They come in this amazing IronOre colour, in a variety of shapes and sizes, and have been made in Indonesia to stand out in any garden. We expect these to arrive at the nursery in early April and are now taking pre-orders from our online store.

At front doors and terraces still the most popular potted plant are the formal looking box balls and half standard trees like the Photinia Red Robin or the Bay laurel. For a recent project however, we mixed it up a little and used a very natural planting of viburnums, grasses, paniculata hydrangeas and sedums which created a lovely soft look.

In some of our designs we have used the trough planters as small divides just planted very simply with hedging, as they can help create a formal look with their clean lines. Some of our larger sized pots will be more than suitable for a medium sized tree too, so there’s lots of options. Check out our full pot collection online and happy gardening!



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