Field Stocks – Part Two

Following on from last weeks Field stock review, we have all been working from home, at full throttle during this lockdown period to ensure that all, absolutely everything we have available on the nursery is added to our Online Store prior to the end of Season which is catching up with us very quickly. That includes lots and lots of our Field stocks that being out of sight and only available for a limited time of the year, is available to our extremely loyal following of gardeners throughout the country. This includes hedging options like our laurels and Portuguese laurels but also our larger rootballed options like the Thuja’s and other conifers as well as Yew and bay laurel to name just a few.

Here are just a few of my favourites from our field stocks

Carpinus Betulus / Hornbeam Hedging Columns

These are 200-250cm tall, that’s 7-8ft tall and 50-60cm wide, clipped into columnar shape, ideal for mature hedging to screen and add privacy

Pinus sylvestris – 150-175cm Rootballed

These aren’t exactly hedging plants but are great for creating a screen or evergreen barrier. Pines like these Scots Pines are ideal for noise pollution if you live near a noisy road.

Fagus Sylvatica / Beech – 175-200cm Rootballed

These are grown to be trees or hedging and at 6-7ft tall so good and established when going in. I adore Beech hedging, m I’m just not patient enough so these solve that problem.

Prunus Laur Rotundifolia / Common Laurel – Rootballed 100-120cm
The common laurel is the ideal hedging plant if you want a hedge that is dense, evergreen, grows quickly and isn’t too expensive. These laurel will fit all those criteria and do it well. They produce a dark green, dense hedge that you won’t see through but will need cutting once to twice a year to keep it at the desired height and width so it doesn’t get too big or wide.

Taxus Bacatta / Yew – 80-100cm Rootballed
I have Yew hedging up my driveway to create a screen, mine is now at approx 7-8ft tall and it creates a very formal clean lines hedge. These ones are smaller but will grow nicely and they work in either a formal or contemporary garden due to their clipped clean lines.

Prunus Novita – 120-150cm Rootball
Prunus Novita is a variant of laurel that isn’t as big or as wide and has a slightly gentler, elongated leaf. It makes a lovely alternative especially when privacy is a must but space is at a premium.

Photinia Red Robin – 80-100cm Rootballed

Photinia Red Robin has been in high demand the last few years due it being evergreen but giving that splash of colour too, these rootballed plants area great option for an urban hedge.

Laurus Nobilis / Bay Laurel – 12L 125-150cm
Bay laurel is mainly grown in pots, it grows well like this and so we don’t tend to produce them rootballed. This is a great option if you want height without width.




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