Mature Rootballed Trees


The mature trees we have planted in our own fields have been allowed to grow over a good number of years with the right amount of care, pruning and special treatment of their root structure. If the roots are allowed to grow too extensively, it will not only make the tree too hard to move, it will also mean the root structure is not as strong. Although this and some careful pruning does mean the head is not as big as if it was left to its own devices, this is to the benefit of the tree long term and makes it an awful lot easier to move the trees to their new homes. 

We are the premier supplier in Ireland of rootballed and mature trees to the general public. Our range is extensive and we have a large supply, making sure we always have availability of what our customers need is imperative to us. 

Rootballed trees have been lifted from the open ground with a large ball of earth around their roots, which is then wrapped in hessian, or similar biodegradable material. These trees are planted with the wrapping still in place, causing little disruption to the root structure. This ensures the soil remains in contact with the roots throughout lifting, transportation and planting operations.

Why do we rootball trees and hedging? 

Rootball trees often establish themselves better than container grown trees, as they have been given a chance to set down stronger roots than they would have in a commercial pot and it is a more economical and ecological way for us to provide you with our trees. Like with the hedging it is almost always better to rootball evergreen trees and we would also recommend anything deciduous from around about 14-16cm girth, around 14-15t tall should be rootballed too. 

Once a tree reaches a certain size it requires the stability of a rootball to ensure it has the best possible start. Our rootball trees have been prepared by being ‘undercut’ i.e. root pruned or transplanted several times (every 3 years for deciduous and 4 years for evergreen) to encourage the development of a fibrous root system. Don’t worry we won’t charge you extra for some of our fab Caragh soil!!

What are the benefits of buying rootballed trees and hedging for you? 

The hessian and wire are biodegradable and therefore there is no packaging waste to dispose of
The cost of a rootballed tree can be less than a containerised tree
They are easy to handle when transporting and planting
They have a good establishment rate as they are planted in the dormant winter months

Some planting tips for rootballed trees?

Dig a hole the same depth as the roots and three times the root spread or root ball size. Make sure that the sides and bottom of the hole isn’t compacted but do not dig the soil at the bottom of the hole as it will settle and cause the tree to sink lower into the ground. Do not remove the hessian or wire. The hessian will naturally rot down allowing the root system to develop. The wire will break down soon after planting. Leaving the hessian in place helps to maintain the completeness of the root system

Prunus Kanzan are a popular tree to buy rootballed, as it can withstand transplanting in this form at a semi mature stage. This gives the advantage of substantial growth, without having to wait so long for such an impact. Kanzan is a hardy, double flowering cherry tree will eventually grow to around six to seven metres tall. We have a variety of medium to very large specimens at the nursery.

Himalayan Birch, or Betula Jacquemontii to give it its formal name, is another popular tree sold rootballed. This fast growing tree has a light, open canopy of green foliage that will not block out too much sunlight. Himalayan Birch are hardy and reliable and popular for their stunning bark, which gets whiter and brighter as it ages. 


Prunus Cerasifera Nigra, or Purple Plum is another common rootball choice and is one of the first trees to flower in spring. Single, deep blush-pink flowers are followed by dark purple brown leaves and blackish-purple shoots. This is a stunning small tree with a dense mushroom shaped crown that provides good screening and excellent contrast. It displays a strong reddish, orange autumn colour similar to Copper Beech but on a smaller scale, and the added bonus of blossoms in spring.

Whether you need your trees to carry out a specific function for you in the garden, like create a boundary or provide screening, or if you simply want to create interest that is aesthetically pleasing, we are here to help. We not only supply the products, but can also advise on design, either by consultation with one of our designers or visiting the nursery to chat with our sales team. We also plant and deliver, so feel free to contact us for prices and details of when we can add your project to our schedule.



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