To Plant a Garden is to Believe in Tomorrow

Happy Bank Holiday Monday. This is the positivity we are feeling today.
We had a lovely day off yesterday spent in our own garden. Firstly catching up with some weeding, tidying and mowing and then enjoying spending time in it and eating dinner in the garden, what a wonderful day.
We have had so many people messaging me to say things like ‘who knew I’d enjoy gardening’ and ‘ I have just stared gardening since lockdown and I’m hooked’ this obviously is everything we have been working towards, getting as many people as possible into the garden to enjoy the garden, as I keep preaching it is so good for you.
The best one was when I had a call from a doctor to say what great news it was that so very many people were out in their gardens and thanked us for encouraging people and reiterated to us the huge benefits to gardeners especially these new gardeners to their physical health but also and more importantly to their mental health.
So the news from us as always is Stay Home, Stay Safe & Keep Gardening x



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